FTL Technology

The Miracle of true Reality

“When you work with the 90.10. technology for the first time, the successes seem like miracles. If you delve into the method and apply it every day, it becomes a daily lived reality that everyone can apply in their lives, because it consists of simple cosmic laws that apply equally to everyone and produce positive results with unfailing certainty.”

Oliver Schacke

Programmable like a Computer

Teleporting Quantum Energy

The instrument that generates all the apparent miracles is the 90.10.-CUBE. With the help of modular, easy-to-program target coordinates, The instrument that generates all the apparent miracles is the 90.10.-CUBE. With the help of modular, easy-to-program target coordinates, it can be used like a quantum computer. Through the 90.10. quantum entanglement technology it is possible to teleport or beam quantum energy and frequencies into target objects and thus burn them into their matter permanently or for a certain time.

Teleporting Quantum Energy

A changed physical Reality

By burning in quantum energy and frequencies, the target object (matter) is enriched with further physical properties. It even changes its weight in the milligram range. More importantly, however, it henceforth radiates positive life energy or quantum energy and frequencies. Thereby, it reliably reduces the radioactive background radiation of the universe, which almost every matter stores. In addition, the object refined with energy and frequencies can be used for medical purposes. A medical scientific study conducted in a German laboratory has shown this in an impressive way.

FTL Technology

Faster than Light Technologie®

In the new technology developed by 90.10., quantum energy and frequencies are teleported or beamed directly into objects.
This means: The moment the target coordinates are placed in the cube, the quantum energy is burned into the matter of the target object. Without even a nanosecond time delay. This “instant activation” is established by the quantum entanglement with the target object generated by the 90.10. technology.

The cube is there and at no time connected to the power supply.
The system works completely independently on its own power and can therefore be used at any time.

Make your own Decisions again!

“Sheer limitless greed for money and obsession with power have established a system of paternalism.
Unquestioningly, man was exposed to technologies that exert holistic negative influences. Helplessly he had to watch
how they were spread unhindered. 90.10. gives you the opportunity to make your own decisions, to protect yourself
and to take the responsibility for your life back into your own hands.
You just have to claim this ability.”

Oliver Schacke

Test the Teleportation of Quantum Energy free of charge!

Water glass

Have a water glass refined with pure quantum energy free of charge!

Left hand

Lade reine Quantenenergie kostenlos in deine linke Hand!

Mobile radio antenna

Neutralize the interference effects of a mobile radio antenna free of charge!

The 90.10. MedBed

Try the 90.10. MedBed for 8 hours free of charge!

Using 90.10 quantum entanglement, we entangle your own bed at home with a 90.10.-CUBE and the specially programmed operating system of the 90.10. MedBed. Find out for yourself what the teleportation of strengthening quantum energy and relaxing frequencies does, and boost your self-healing power!

The Faster than Light Technology is based on various 90.10. technologies that have
been developed and programmed by Oliver Schacke since 2011.

The 90.10. Networks

3D Energy Carriers

The different versions of the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE have many passionate users. They rely on the energy capsules for protection against electromagnetic fields, for the neutralization of pollutants, and for energization. The 90.10.-CARD, with and without frequencies, is the ideal companion wherever you go. You can’t drink enough of the vitalized water from the 5D-Water bottle. The 90.10.-CUBE realizes the production of own energy carriers. The cubes of the Forever Freedom Pack let you increase the energy output exponentially.

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Quantum Download Network

Your favorite personal items can become energy carriers. Your tablet, for example, will be influenced in such a way that its radiation will no longer negatively affect your organism while its function remains unchanged. Have energy and frequencies “beamed” into your dishes, jewelry, home textiles, and pet accessories also over long distances. If you like, even into the next bus stop. You have all the possibilities. You can energetically upgrade your whole home, but also your work environment and even your hometown by teleporting quantum energy.

Learn how easy it is at QDN!

Quantum Frequency Medicine Network

You don’t always need to take a pill. Did you actually know that the body cures most diseases on its own? More and more people are coming back to the awareness of how impressively strong the body’s own self-healing power is. Teleporting quantum energy into your body stimulates your self-healing power. Frequencies have a supporting effect. With the help of the quantum entanglement developed by 90.10. not only physical processes but also mental processes can be positively influenced, and blocking patterns can be permanently dissolved.

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